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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

England football shirts - green white hoops

This page shows shirts from English teams that also have the green white hoops or stripes, or that are similar to the Stromp shirt (one side green, one side white). Not all the jerseys are from football clubs, other sports such as rugby are represented. In fact, hoops or horizontal stripes are particularly popular with rugby teams. Many of the clubs shown here are from the Premiership, but also from other leagues, and there are shirts from several non-league and amateur clubs from all over England.

There are many other English clubs that wear the hoops that are not represented here, either because it has not yet possible to get one of their shirts (or good quality photos), or because I simply do not know about them.

There are probably many more teams in Europe that wear the green white hoops! If you know any, let me know! But first check the English teams section, and also the continental European teams section. And see the links above for American, African, Asian and Australian green white hooped kits!

You can also see the Sporting Lisbon vintage shirts, mostly match worn, as well as the new Sporting Lisbon shirt.

Alsager Celtic FC

England. Matchworn jersey. Alsager Celtic is a football team dedicated to the local children and youth. Itt is run by the parents of the players, that mostly stay together since mini football

Alsager Celtic FC match worn shirt


Aylesbury United FC

England. Child shirt. The team, nicknamed "The Ducks", is a classic English club formed in 1897 that plays in the lower leagues. They have been champions of the Southern League.

Aylesbury United FC children's shirt


Bletchley Shamrock FC

England. Match worn shirt from this club from Milton Keynes. The green white hoops and the Celtic shamrock clearly show the inspiration for the club - we throughly approve!


With thanks to João Almeida from Sports Vintage Shirts

Bletchley Shamrock FC green white hoops and the Celtic shamrock


Bradford Park Avenue AFC

England. With roots in 1880 as a rugby club, football was soon adopted and eventually became dominant. The green white colours only came in 1911, with red, amber and black being kept as second kit.


Bradford Park Avenue AFC England shirt

Something special: a Catholic football club in England

Catholic United Football Club has had different names in its history that started in 1959. What has remained steadfast is the name Catholic, and with it the reputation for all that is good in the game. This shirt was very gently sent to me by the Chairman of the Club.

Catholic United FC

England, team shirt. First known as Southend Catholic, then Catholic Athletic. The Club reached the Charity Cup Final with kits given by Celtic Glasgow, and thus wear the green white hoops


With thanks to the Chairman of the Club, Mr. Warren O'Neil

Catholic United FC player issue shirt England


Celtic Nation FC

Celtic Nation Football Club was an English club that existed from 2004 to 2015

Celtic Nation Football Club was an English club that existed from 2004 to 2015


Dewsbury Celtic RLFC

England, match worn jersey of this rugby club from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. The shirt is signed by the team - and it is huge.

Dewsbury Celtic RLFC, rugby league club. Match worn jersey, signed by the team


Durham City Association Football Club

England, match worn shirt of Durham City AFC. Lovely shirt, very well done pattern, one of my favourites in design.

Durham City Association Football Club. Inglaterra, camisola de jogo


Eltham Progress FC

England, match worn shirt. Eltham Progress are a football team from Charlton, London. They play in the Orpington & Bromley Sunday Football League, Division 1


Eltham Progress FC match worn kit London England


Farsley Celtic A.F.C

England. Football shirt from this club formed in 1908. Since 2010 it competes in the Koolsport Northern Counties East League


Farsley Celtic England shirt


Greenford Celtic FC

England, match worn shirt of this amateur team


equipamento amadores Greenford Celtic FC


Gregory Celtic Football Club

Inglaterra. Camisola de jogo deste clube, também conhecido como Northampton Gregory Celtic Youth Football


Northampton Gregory Celtic Youth Football match worn shirt


Gosforth RFC

England. Rugby jersey. Traditional club formed in 1887, it wears the green and white hoops of Durham School. In the 1990s the club split in two, the other half being the Newcastle Falcons


Gosforth RFC shirt England jersey rugby


Gosforth RFC

England, match worn rugby shirt, with the roaring lion proudly on the fabric


With thanks to João Almeida from Sports Vintage Shirts

Gosforth RFC England, match worn rugby jersey, with the roaring lion proudly on the fabric


Greenford Celtic FC

England, match worn shirt. A youth football club formed in 1986, where young people meet to play football games and take part in training. It has U7 to U18 teams as well as a senior team


Greenford Celtic FC England match worn shirt


Guildford & Godalming Rugby Football Club

England. The Guildford & Godalming Rugby Football Club is now called Guildford Rugby Club after merging in 2002 with the Old Guildfordians RFC. Guildford, in Surrey, is the only English town with a cathedral.


Guildford Godalming Rugby Football Club matchworn shirt

A special shirt: Hull Dockers RLFC

Great Britain is a complicated country, so complicated that it is not a country, but several (at the time of writing): England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. But that's not the end to the story! The English often say that Yorkshire is part of England, and that's what the official maps say, but the Yorshire people tend to disagree, as they tend to think that they are a fifth nation. At least the accent is unmistakable. This is the first Yorkshire shirt in Verdebranco.net, and we pondered whether we should open a new section. In the end, and in order not to open a diplomatic incident, we decided to include it here together with the English shirts. And, once again, we thank Sports Vintage Shirts for another beautiful find!

Hull Dockers RLFC

Yorkshire, Inglaterra. Equipamento de rugby, de jogo


Com agradecimentos a João Almeida de Sports Vintage Shirts

Equipamento de rugby, de jogo dos Hull Dockers


Knaresborough Celtic Junior FC

England. Match worn. Founded in 1995, Knaresborough Celtic Junior Football Club is a community club for the local children from U8 to U17 plus a senior team

Knaresborough Celtic JFC England Match worn shirt


Lincoln City FC

England, away shirt 1998/99. Formed in 1884 based on a team that had been playing since the 1860s, Lincoln City became professional in 1891. It has played several times in Division 2

Lincoln City FC England, alternative shirt 1998 1999


ISC London Irish Rugby

England, rugby team. match worn jersey. The green is very gray-ish, but it is still green, and so we got this shirt for the verdebranco collection

ISC London Irish Rugby. Inglaterra, equipa de rugby. Camisola de jogo


London Road Lions

England, amateur youth team. Match worn kit. This is a particularly beautiful shirt, because the club's symbol is a rampant lion over green/white stripes. It doesn't get better than that.

London Road Lions matchworn shirt England


Lutterworth Athletic FC

England amateur leage football team. Match worn shirt

Inglaterra, equipa de futebol que joga nas ligas amadores. Camisola de jogo


Margate FC

England, match worn away shirt from 2002/2003. Formed in 1896 or 1897 as an amateur club, its colours are blue and white. This is a rare green/white kit

Margate FC England 2002 2003 match worn jersey


Millwall FC

England, alternative shirt 1994/96. Most of the club's founders were Scottish so the club's colours are blue and white. Known as the Lions, Milwall won the Second Division championship in 1987/88

Millwall FC England third shirt 1994 1996


Northwhich Victoria FC

England. Home shirt. Known as The Vics or The Trickies, this team formed in 1874 is named in honour of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria

Northwhich Victoria FC shirt England


Nottingham Rugby FC

England. Rugby union club, home shirt. Formed in 1877 when Alick Birkin returned to Nottingham from Rugby School. V.H.Cartwright was Nottingham's first international player between 1904 and 1906, followed by many others, mainly in the 1980s

Nottingham Rugby FC jersey England


Nottingham University Rugby Club

England. Rugby club. player issue

Nottingham University Rugby Club Player issue


Queen's Park Rangers

England. Third shirt 2004/05. This is a very strange football shirt, made of teflon. Queens Park Rangers were formed in 1882 as the St Judes. They became QPR after merging with the Christchurch Rangers in 1886. Their main colour is blue/white

Queens Park Rangers QPR alternative shirt 2004 2005


Ridge Hills Celtic

England. Five a side match worn shirt. Ridge Hill Celtic has youth and senior football teams

Ridge Hills Celtic futsal MWS jersey


Soham Town Rangers FC

England, match worn home shirt. Formed in 1947 from Soham Rangers and Soham Town, this club plays in minor leagues

Soham Town Rangers FC match worn shirt




With thanks to Mr. Pedro Fernandes

Umbro English make jersey green white


West Hartlepool Rugby FC

England, rugby team. This is one of the ugliest shirts in the collection - so much red. It's fantastic quality though.

West Hartlepool Rugby FC England jersey shirt


Yeovil Town FC

England. Replica home shirt. With two rampant lions on its crest, and playing with the green white horizontal hoops since 2003/04, Yeovil Town F.C. are an English association football team founded in 1890

Yeovil Town FC shirt


Yeovil Town FC

England, 2010/11


With thanks to Mr. Vitor Guimarãis

Yeovil Town FC football top England 2010 11
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