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Green White Hoops links

There are of course many web sites dedicated to Sporting Clube de Portugal. Here are given only those links that I visit more regularly, where a wealth of information about SCP, and particularly about the history of its equipment, can be found.

Official site of Sporting Clube de Portugal
verdebranco Facebook page

Wiki Sporting - The on-line SCP encyclopedia
Fórum SCP - Porta 10A - The independent SCP Forum
Portal Sporting Memória. Photographic and video memory of Sporting Lisbon
Jogos do Passado
Sporting London shirts
Sporting Canal

These are links to pages that have nothing to do with Sporting Lisbon, but that I like for one reason or the other:

Empire without Emperor: The Long Twenty-First Century
Saber Ciência - what science really and how it really works
Travels, food, and more: a Portuguese blog
Mário Barradas (1931-2009)
Ana Mandillo - Portfolio
Andrea Post - schauspielerin
Tapio's Ronnie James Dio pages
Persson's thoughts

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