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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

German sports shirts - green white hoops

This page shows shirts from German clubs that also have the green white hoops or stripes, or that are similar to the Stromp shirt (one side green, one side white). Most or all are football shirts. Germany is a big country passionate for football, and it has teams that wear all the colours of the rainbow, and even if green and white are not the most popular, and stripes are rather uncommon, we still managed to find several ones!

There are probably many more teams in Europe that wear the green white hoops! If you know any, let me know! But first check the English teams section, and of course the Scottish, Welsh and Irish teams section. And see the links above for American, African, Asian and Australian green white hooped kits!

You can also see, in their dedicated sections, some Sporting Lisbon old shirts, mostly match worn, as well as the new Sporting Lisbon shirt.

Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden e.V.

Freistaat Sachsen, Germany. Match worn away 1996/97 shirt, in green white hoops and with Holzmann sponsor

With thanks to Rene of dynamo-trikots.de

Dynamo Dresden Match worn away 1996/97 jersey, in green white hoops and with Holzmann sponsor


TSV Eisenberg

Germany. This soccer jersey has hoops on the front side only. TSV Eisenberg is an amateur sports club, including aikido and karate, badminton, basketball and handball, horse riding, chess, and many other sports - even soccer.


TSV Eisenberg Germany Deutschland trikot shirt camisola

Something special: a Bavarian club wearing the hoops

Deep down, many Bavarians don't think they are really Germans. For that matter, neither do many Germans from elsewhere. After all, Freistaat Bayern is, together with Saxony, one of the two German Free States, and the only one that kept this identity between 1952 and 1989. This is a home shirt of this club that traces its origins back to 1903, when Turnverein 1860 Fürth formed a football section.

SpVgg Greuther Fürth

Germany. Successors in 1996 of Spielvereinigung Fürth, this Bavarian club has as greatest rivals the 1. FC Nürnbeg (Nuremberg)


With thanks to Gerhard and Hannelore Wartig

Greuther Fürth Fuerth trikot Deutschland Germany shirt


VfB Lübeck

Germany. This football shirt is similar to the Stromp kit only in the front, and with green on wrong side. Lübeck also has green white hooped shirts. The club has other sports besides football, such as badminton, gymnastics, handball, and ping pong.

VfB Lubeck

Something special: Leipzig kommt! Aber nicht sehr weit

As all Saxons know, Leipzig is destined to always be the second most important city in the Free State of Saxony - Freistaat Sachsen (wo die hübschen mädels auf den bäumen wachsen), the other German Free State besides Bavaria, that recovered that title after the reunification of Germany. This shirt has the colours of Saxony - green and white - as well as the Saxonian royal crest in its midst - the rampant lion with the black/yellow hoops with the green crown. The most important Saxonian football club, Dynamo Dresden, once wore, for one single season shortly after the Wiedervereinigung, the green white hoops as well. This was to identify itself with the country - Sachsen. Its fans, however, didn't like it, because they prefered Dynamo to have their own colours - schwarzer Hals, gelbe Zähne. As for Sachsen Leipzig, it became insolvent in 2009 and was disbanded in June 2011.

FC Sachsen Leipzig

Germany, Sachsen. The Free State of Saxony has, besides girls, most beautiful colours and symbols: green and white, stripes, and a lion. Rare shirt from a club that no longer exists

With thanks to Gerhard and Hannelore Wartig

FC Sachsen Leipzig Deutschland Germany mannschaft shirt

A special shirt: sixth German League

FC Wegberg Beeck was founded in 1920, in the Beeck neighbourhood of the Wegberg village in the German state Nordrhein-Westfalen. In 1996 the club got its current name, "FC Wegberg-Beeck 1920 eV". With red and black colours, this away green white hooped shirt is nearly impossible to find. We thank João Almeida from Sports Vintage Shirts for having offered it to the Verdebranco collection!

FC Wegberg Beeck

Away match worn shirt of this German amateur club, that normally competes in the Mittelrheinliga, 6th German league

With thanks to João Almeida from Sports Vintage Shirts

Away match worn jersey of FC Wegberg Beeck, Mittelrheinliga, German league


Werder Bremen

Germany. Similar to the Stromp kit only in the front, but with green on wrong side

Werder Bremen shirt trikot


Portugal SV Witten

Germany. Match worn jersey from one of the oldest foreign sports clubs in Germany

With thanks to Ivo Costa

Match worn jersey from one of the oldest foreign sports clubs in Germany


VfL Wolfsburg

Germany. Similar to the Stromp kit only in the front. Volfsburg is a football club with very strong historical and present ties with Wolfswagen

VfL Wolfsburg trikot shirt Germany Deutschland
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