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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

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Green white hoops - Sporting Lisbon

This site displays my collection of shirts of Sporting Clube de Portugal and its affiliates, as well as other teams, Portuguese and foreign, that have also used the green white hoops, or a shirt similar to the classic Sporting Stromp shirt. Most are replicas, some are matchworn.

The English pages of the site are not updated since 2015. The Portuguese pages therefore have a lot more shirts on display.

Currently I collect only old match worn shirts without player name. If you have any, contact me!

Click on the photos to see all the jerseys

Historical Sporting Lisbon kits up to the 1960s
Old match worn Sporting Lisbon shirts from the 1970s
Vintage Sporting jerseys - 1980s, matchworn
Classic Sporting Club Portugal jerseys - the 1990s
The modern Sporting Lisbon shirt in the 21st century
The new 2011 2012 Sporting Lisbon shirt

I also show photos from shirts that do not belong to me (with green background), in order to document as well as possible the evolution of the Sporting kit. Thanks are due to all those who sent me photos of their shirts and made this site possible. I also thank those who gave me information and help.

I'm always looking for rare Sporting Lisbon shirts, so if you have one, email me! And if you know a team that is not yet here, please let me know. Note however, that I am only interested in shirts that are horizontal green/white stripes of equal size, or the right side completely white and the left side completely green (Stromp shirt). Vertical green/white stripes, or shirts with stripes of different sizes, or generic shirts with some green and some white, do not interest me. Above all, I am interested in Sporting Lisbon shirts, so if you have any for sale, contact me.

You can see the latest arrivals in the page dedicated to the new jerseys, as well as some special pages.

These shirts are not for sale. I don't sell shirts, I only buy.

email: Nuno Barradas

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