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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

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Sporting Lisbon - the greatest club of Portugal - shirts and kits

The history of the Sporting Lisbon shirt is long. The traditional home hooped shirt, the classic split green/white Stromp shirt, and the many away jerseys, all have a place in this page, where you will find hundreds of jerseys, old and new. I'm always looking for rare Sporting Lisbon shirts, so if you have one for sale, email me!

The English pages of the site are not updated since 2015. The Portuguese pages therefore have a lot more shirts on display.

Click on the images to see all the jerseys of each decade or category.

Historical Sporting Lisbon kits up to the 1960s
Old match worn Sporting Lisbon shirts from the 1970s
Vintage Sporting jerseys - 1980s, matchworn
Classic Sporting Club Portugal jerseys - the 1990s
The modern Sporting Lisbon shirt in the 21st century
The new 2011 2012 Sporting Lisbon shirt
Other worn official kits from Sporting Clube de Portugal
Semi-official shirts: Saillev, Juve Leo, DU XXI
Fake Sporting Clube de Portugal shirts
Sporting Lisbon clothing and textiles - fans, children, babys
The Sporting Lisbon football Academy - jerseys
Other Sporting Lisbon sports - Futsal, Handball, etc

In each decade only official Sporting Lisbon jerseys are shown, both match worn and replica kits. Semi-official jerseys (that is, Saillev) and counterfeit Sporting shirts are shown in separate pages. Other player issue shirts and equipment are shown in the Other worns shirts and kits section, while Sporting Lisbon clothing is in Other Sporting Lisbon equipments. Shirts from the Sporting Academy, that produced players such as Figo, Nani, or Cristiano Ronaldo, are shown in a dedicated section. Finally, jerseys and shirts from other sports are in a separate page.

Note: internationally, Sporting is often known as Sporting Lisbon. In fact, Sporting is not restricted to Lisbon, and it has supporters and fans all over Portugal and in the entire world. It is Sporting Clube de Portugal. However, we bow to usage and accept the simple Sporting Lisbon name.

There are many fake counterfeit shirts being sold all over the world. Anyone interested in the real deal can contact the official Club store and ask what you want, they will arrange something sensible (this link is not sponsored: does not have and never will have any payed ads).

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