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Sporting Clube de Portugal verde branco

Four foreign shirts, three different sports

The verdebranco collection started with foreign teams that also wear the green white hoops, actually if we remember well, with a Celtic shirt bought in Ljubljana. Before that we had some Sporting CP shirts, but we did not call it a collection, really. So, we have pages dedicated to showing off our shirts from all the world.

In this page we show the last four such shirts we got, all within one week. One is from the National Football League, so the first football shirt we ever got - well, American football. We have plenty of soccer footbal shirts, of course. It's a pity that it is a fan shirt and not the real thing, but anyway it's a nice acquisition. Two are from small amateur English teams, one playing rugby and the other football, the second one match worn. And finally, the fourth is from a local Dutch football club. So that's four shirts and three different sports in this page.

Green Bay Packers

USA, American football team from Green Bay, Wisconsin, that plays in the National Football League. Cotton made shirt for fans, from the club shop. This is the first American Football shirt that verdebranco got

Green Bay Packers NFL. EUA, equipa de futebol americano de Green Bay, Wisconsin, que joga na National Football League. Camisola em algodão para adepto


ISC London Irish Rugby

England, rugby team. match worn jersey. The green is very gray-ish, but it is still green, and so we got this shirt for the verdebranco collection

ISC London Irish Rugby. Inglaterra, equipa de rugby. Camisola de jogo


Lutterworth Athletic FC

England amateur leage football team, or perhaps we should say soccer. Match worn shirt

Inglaterra, equipa de futebol que joga nas ligas amadores. Camisola de jogo


SHH Herten

Netherlands. The full name of this amateur team is Sportvereniging Sint Hadrianus Herten. Long sleeves, match worn

Holanda, o nome completo desta equipa amadora é Sportvereniging Sint Hadrianus Herten

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