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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

European football shirts - green white hoops

This page shows shirts from European clubs that also have the green white hoops or stripes, or that are similar to the Stromp shirt (one side green, one side white). There are several sports represented besides football, such as rugby. From Turkey to Sweden, from Poland to France, everywhere in Europe there are teams that wear the green white colours of Sporting Lisbon.

There are probably many more teams in Europe that wear the green white hoops! If you know any, let me know! But first check the English teams section, and of course the Scottish, Welsh and Irish teams section. And see the links above for American, African, Asian and Australian green white hooped kits!

You can also see, in their dedicated sections, some Sporting Lisbon old shirts, mostly match worn, as well as the new Sporting Lisbon shirt.

Benetton Rugby

Italy. Not everyone knows that Benetton sponsors a rugby team in its home town. The Benetton Treviso rugby jerseys are very appreciated, but difficult to obtain outside Italia.

Benetton Rugby Italy Italia shirt maglia camisola



Turkey. Known as "the green crocodiles", Bursaspor were formed in the Anatolia city of Bursa, in 1963, but already won several Turkish football trophies


With thanks to Dr. Cem Akkaya and Dr. José Luís Leal

Bursaspor Turkey Turkyie shirt camisola


Polisportiva Capri

Italy, 2004/05. Very rare match worn shirt from this football team from the island of Capri. The green stripes are not all of the same width, they are broader at the top and narrower at the bottom.

Polisportiva Capri Italy Italia match worn shirt


Celtic Irish Club Marseille

France. Match worn jersey. Club formed in 1997, with roots in the Irish Pub O'Brady's from Marseille. The club has several amateur football teams, and also a handball team


Com agradecimentos a Jean-luc Bardy

Celtic Irish Club Marseille, France. Match worn shirt. Club formed in 1997


Cherno More Varna

Bulgaria. Formed in 1945 from the fusion of two soccer clubs from Varna, they won several times the Bulgarian league. Jardel, top scorer for Sporting in 2001/02, played for Cherno More.


With thanks to Marco Malaguerra

Chemo More Varna shirt Bulgaria


SD Eibar

Spain, Basque Country. Formed in 1940 as Eibar Fútbol Club, it changed name to Sociedad Deportiva Eibar. In spite of many attempts and close calls, it never reached La Liga.


SD Eibar Espana Euskadi Spain Basque Country shirt camiseta


Sporting Club Esch-sur-Alzette

Luxemburg, Match worn shirt. It is not a Sporting CP affiliate club, and in fact we don't know much about this club at all.

Match worn jersey Sporting Club Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxmburg


Essec Rugby Team

France. This rugby club has both male and female teams. Their green white hooped jerseys are not easy to obtain, which is always the case for local amateur clubs


Essec Rugby Team MWS jersey


Feyenoord Rotterdam

Netherlands, away kit. Similar to the Stromp kit, but with green on wrong side. Formed in 1908 to compete with Sparta, it won the UEFA Cup in 2002


With thanks to Dr Jos Maas

Feyenoord Rotterdam shirt Holland Nederland Netherlands



Hungary, classic shirt (TOFFS). Known as The Green Eagles, this 1899 Budapest very successful team used the hoops in their shirts long ago.


With thanks to Dr Gabor Battistig

Ferencvaros Hungary Magyar shirt TOFFS


Floriana FC

Malta. This club uses sometimes the hoops, sometimes vertical stripes, and sometimes different patterns, but always in green and white

football jersey Floriana FC de Malta


FK Indija

Serbia. Matchworn jersey from this club which is usually known as "the green armada". Its full name is Fudbalski Klub Indija

Serbia. Matchworn jersey. FK Indija, ????????? ???? ??????, Fudbalski Klub Indija

Something special: The Royale Association Athlétique Louviéroise, the wolves

This is a fantastic replica football shirt from a traditional club formed in 1913, just one year before the first world war. Initially called A.A. Louviéroise, the club got the Royal in its official name in 1937, and became known as RAAL, often called La Louvière, and the team are the wolves. In 2009, after a couple of years of uncertainty, La Louviere joined with another local club, RACS Couillet, and the resulting club is called Football Couillet La Louvière. A good friend got this shirt for me, enduring cats and dogs pouring from the sky.

La Louvière RAAL

Belgium. Fantastic replica jersey, now impossible to obtain. After its involvement in the 2006 Belgian betting scandal, this classic 1913 club disappeared into Football Couillet La Louvière

With thanks to Dr Tomáš Fülöpp

La Louvière RAAL Belgium Belgique shirt maillot

Something special: a football shirt from Gdansk, in Poland

Actually, Lechia means "Poland", so this team is called something like "Polish Gdansk". Formed in 1945 as BOP Baltia Gdansk, it soon changed the name to Lechia. This is perhaps inspired by the the fact that the city has been ruled by several different states in over one thousand years of history. After some more name changes, in 2009 Lechia Gdansk S.A. was agreed on. In any case, this is a beautiful replica football shirt.

Lechia Gdansk

Poland, this particular shirt only has hoops on the front. Lechia Gdansk won several Polish titles in the 1950s and 1980s.

With thanks to Dr. José Luís Leal and Dr. Agnieszka Doczekalska

Lechia Gdansk Poland Polska shirt


Maskun Palloseura

Suomi Finland, the first team of this club is in the Finnish lower leagues, but it is also devoted to youth football.

With thanks to Prof. Eero Rauhala

Maskun Palloseura Finland Suomi shirt

Something special: another hooped shirt from Belgium

The flemish city Mechelen, called Malines in French, belongs to the region of Antwerpen (which means "hand-throw"). Like most of Flanders, Mechelen is home to much flamboyant Gothic architecture - in fact, Flanders is probably Europe's most beautiful and best kept secret (together with Slovakia and Portugal). Both KRC Mechelen and KV Mechelen were founded in 1904. In case you wonder, it was KV Mechelen, which we don't like because its colours are red (and yellow), that won the Cup Winners Cup and the European Super Cup in 1988.

KRC Mechelen

Belgium, 2009/2010. Known as Racing Mechelen, this Flemish club was formed in 1904 with the French version of the town's name, Malines.

With thanks to Dr. Tomáš Fülöpp

KRC Mechelen Belgium Flanders shirt trikot


KMN Olimpija Ljubljana

Eslovénia. Camisola de futebol de jogo. Este clube sucedeu ao NK Olimpija Ljubljana (1945-2005), o qual faliu e foi refundado

KMN Olimpija Ljubljana football match worn shirt


AC Omonoia

Cyprus, football shirt. Also known as Omonia ("concord" in Greek), this Club formed in 1948 wears green and white, but not often the hoops

Omonia Omonoia jersey Cyprus Chipre



Greece, 2016/17. They rarely use the hoops, but they did so in 2013/4 with Adidas and in 2016/17 with Puma. E

Football shirt of Panathinaikos Athens, from Greece


Ränneslövs GIF

Sweden, Match worn shirt of this team from the Ränneslövs village that wears the green white hoops


With thanks to João Almeida from Sports Vintage Shirts

Ranneslovs GIF Sweden, Match worn jersey


SK Rapid Wien

Austria. Replica shirt from this traditional Vienna Club

SK Rapid Wien Vienna shirt trikot


SK Rapid Wien

Austria. Fans t-shirt, bought at the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium in the second leg of the pre-qualifying round of the 2004/05 UEFA Cup that sent Sporting all the way to the heartbreaking final at the Jose Alvalade Stadium

Rapid Vienna shirt trikot


Real Racing Club Santander

Spain. Replica shirt from this traditional Spannish Club formed in 1913. The shoulders are all in green and with black decorations (nothing that Sporting didn't have already as well)

Real Racing Club Santander Espana futbal club camiseta


FC Sankt Gallen

Switzerland. Second oldest football club in continental Europe (1879), the FC St. Gallen supporters have good ties with the Sporting Lisbon supporters

FC St Gallen trikot maillot


IK Sätra

Sweden, match worn ice hockey jersey. We do not know from where this shirt is, and we also don't know much about this club, but nowadays it no longer wears the hoops


IK Sätra, Sweden, match worn ice hockey jersey


FC Sète

France. Once the strongest French Football team, with two national titles and two cups in the 1930s, in the 21st Century FC Sète was relegated several times in succession, (finally?) in 2009 to the 6th division.

FC Sete Champion France maillot Adidas


SHH Herten

Netherlands. The full name of this amateur team is Sportvereniging Sint Hadrianus Herten. Long sleeves, match worn

Holanda, o nome completo desta equipa amadora é Sportvereniging Sint Hadrianus Herten


Västerås SK Fotboll

Sweden. Vasteras was formed in 1904. This shirt is their normal home kit

With thanks to Eng. Fernando Cardeira

Västeräs SK Fotboll Vasteras Sverige Sweden shirt



Sweden. Match worn jersey from a team coming from the three villages Vånga, Mjönäs and Arkelstorp from Kristianstad. The club has its origins in three clubs, one from each village, all formed in 1932. After successive fusions, VMA IK exists since 2002. It normally competes in the 3rd to 5th league


With thanks to João Almeida of Sports Vintage Shirts

VMA IK - Vånga, Mjönäs and Arkelstorp from Kristianstad, Match worn shirt
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