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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

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Clubs from all the world - green white hooped shirts of football, rugby and other sports

This section is dedicated to shirts from foreign teams that either have the green/white hoops, or that are similar to the Stromp shirt. Most are football shirts, several are rugby jerseys, there are also a few shirts from other different sports, and even shirts that probably are not sports shirts at all. Most are replica shirts, several are match worn shirts. These are all identified.

Europe shirts jerseys football Europa camisolas futebol rugby
German clubs in green and white
England shirts jerseys football Inglaterra camisolas futebol rugby
Scotland in green and white
Scotland shirts jerseys football Escócia camisolas futebol rugby
South America shirts jerseys football América do Sul camisolas futebol rugby
Noth America shirts jerseys football rugby
Africa shirts jerseys football África camisolas futebol rugby
Asian shirts jerseys football Asiáticas camisolas futebol rugby
Australian shirts jerseys football rugby

You may rather want to see Sporting Lisbon vintage shirts, mostly match worn, or the new Sporting Lisbon shirt.

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