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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

Asian football shirts - green white hoops

This page shows shirts and jerseys from Asia that also have the green white hoops or stripes, or that are similar to the Stromp shirt (one side green, one side white).

You can also see, in their dedicated sections, some Sporting Lisbon old shirts, mostly match worn, as well as the new Sporting Lisbon shirt.

Geylang International Football Club

Singapore, 2012/13 jersey. Formed in 1974 as International Contract Specialists, the club changed name the following year to Geylang International and in 1975 to Geylang United, before stabilising as Geylang International FC. It won many titles in Singapore


Geylang International Football Club, Singapore, 2012/13 replica shirt


Hong Kong Glasgow Celtic

Hong Kong. This jersey is apparently from a fan club of the Scotish Celtic FC. However, the details of the shirt are not known, and it is unclear why it would be split green/white instead of hooped.

Hong Kong Glasgow Celtic shirt

Something special: a jersey from Thailand

Mr. Falk from Dresden is one of my brother-in-law's old friends. He is a living encyclopedia about football, and he now lives in Thailand. He very kindly sent me a couple of Thai football shirts, which were green and white but not hooped. Then, he discovered this one, a Sporting Lisbon-like jersey from a Thai football club, and one day, unexpectedly, there it was in my mail box.

Phichit FC

Thailand. This jersey has the hoops on the front only. Phichit are a semi-professional team that play in the Thai minor leagues and proudly wear the hoops!


With thanks to Mr. Falk

Phichit FC shirt Thai football


Taiwan Power Company FC

Taiwan (China), match worn. This club, often called Taipower, is semi-professional, and its shirts are very hard to obtain


With thanks to Ant's Shirts

Taiwan Power Company FC jersey match worn


Tokyo Verdy 1969

Japan, this shirt is likely from 2011. Clube founded 1969. It changed name and even city several times

Tokyo Verdy 1969 Japan, this shirt is likely from 2011
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