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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

Brasil and South America football shirts - green white hoops

This page shows shirts from South America that also have the green white hoops or stripes, or that are similar to the Stromp shirt (one side green, one side white). This includes Brazil, where the beautiful game is king, and other countries.

You can also see the Sporting Lisbon vintage shirts, mostly match worn, as well as the new Sporting Lisbon shirt.

Altos do Piauí

Brazil. Shirt made by Kick

Soccer jersey Altos do Piauí, Brazil


América Futebol Clube


Goalkeeper jersey. Team usually known as América Mineiro or América MG. The club was formed in1912 by the elite of Minas Gerais. It has won several Brazilian secondary league titles


América Mineiro Minas Gerais camisa de goleiro


Arapongas Esporte Clube

Brazil. Formed in 1974 in Arapongas, state of Parana. Their colours are green and white, but horizontal hoops are used only seldom


Arapongas soccer jersey



Brazil. Hooped Chapecoense shirt - only in the front

Camisola do Chapecoense às listas verde brancas na parte da frente


Coritiba Football Club

Brazil, third shirt 2007/2008. Match worn jersey. This 1909 club, also from Paraná, has won several times the state league, and also the Brasileiro national title


With thanks to Ant's Shirts

Coritiba FC shirt


Goiás Esporte Clube

Brazil, 2005/2006. Rare match worn shirt with horizontal green white stripes. From Goiânia, state of Goiás, it took part in the Copa Libertadores and in the South-American Cup


With thanks to Ant's Shirts

Goias MWS soccer jersey


Sport Clube Juiz de Fora

Brazil, 2009. Third shirt. Formed in 1916 in Juiz de Fora, state of Minas Gerais, the former President of Brazil Itamar Franco was a supporter and basketball player of the club


Sport Club Juiz De Fora 2009 shirt

Something special: a Palmeiras goalkeeper shirt signed by the three Palmeiras goalkeepers

This jersey is a special issue, a retro design of the classic 1970s Palmeiras goalkeeper shirt. It is made by Adidas, and any one of these shirts is a collectors' item. This one, however, is particularly special, because it is signed by all three goalkeepers of Palmeiras at the time the shirt was produced. Believe it or not, I only have it because of neutron tomography, a fantastic technique for 3D imaging.

Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras

Brazil, 2010. Goal keeper retro shirt, signed by Marcos, Deola and Bruno, Palmeiras goalkeepers


With thanks to Dr. Marcel Pereira and Dr. Marco Pereira

Palmeiras goalkeeper jersey, signed by Marcos


Esporte Clube Primeiro Passo Vitória da Conquista


Football shirt, Esporte Clube Primeiro Passo Vitória da Conquista, Brazil
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