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Tokyo Verdy football shirt

The history of Tokyo Verdy is tightly woven with the history of football in Japan. In 1968 Japan got the bronze medal at the Mexico Olympics, which led to a strong increase of interest in the sport. The next year, Yomiuri Football Club was founded, and starting in the 5th league (a local Tokyo league), in 10 years they had ascended to the first league and won the Japan Soccer League Cup in 1979. In 1993 the Japan Soccer League changed to become a professional league, and Yomiuri FC changed name to Verdy Kawasaki, where "verdy" came from the Portuguese word "verde" that was the main colour worn by the team. Kawasaki is a city belonging to the gGreat Tokyo region. With the years, the team lost its brilliance and was relegated to the 2nd league, and eventually it decided to return to Tokyo, changing the name to Tokyo Verdy 1969, to reflect its origins and appeal to the Tokyo fans.

Anyway, they continue to wear green, often mixed with white, but green white hoops is something they wore in a few years of the 2010s at best. We actually don't know exactly the year of the shirt shown here - but we like it very much!

Tokyo Verdy 1969

Japan, likely 2011. Club with history dating back to 1969 in spite of changes of name and city

Camisola do Tokyo Verdy 1969 do Japão

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