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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

Very old Sporting Lisbon shirts, up to the 1960s

This page shows shirts and jerseys from Sporting Lisbon up until the 1960s. It is difficult to establish the history of the Sporting football kit up to the 60s based on real shirts. It is not easy to find such old jerseys, particularly considering that at the time there were no replica shirts made for the fans, only those worn by the players on the pitch.

All of these are match worn shirts, or eventually shirts prepared for some player who sat on the bench or was not even called. At the time, specific players were not assigned a specific shirt number, the jerseys of the first squad were numbered 1 to 11. The current Sporting Lisbon jerseys are rarely as simple and beautiful as these ones.

Sporting Clube de Portugal

Early 1950s model. Shirt declared as worn 2 August 1931 by Manuel Baeta Antunes in a friendly against Vasco da Gama. Sporting lost 6-0. Similar shirts, with the Lion symbol, are typical of the 1950s. This is either a reserve side team or from the Tertúlia Sportinguista do Rio De Janeiro, founded by Manuel Baeta Antunes in Brasil

With thanks to Museo del Calcio

Sporting Portugal ancient jersey 1931 Manuel Baeta Antunes


Sporting Clube de Portugal

1950 decade

Match worn by Travassos, displayed at the Sporting Museum in Alvalade

With thanks to the photographer, Mr. Rui Trindade, on his first visit to Alvalade

Travassos history of soccer jerseys at the Sporting Portugal Museum


Sporting Clube de Portugal


Worn by Morais, who scored the single goal in the Cup Winners' Cup Final.

With thanks to the SPorting Museum curator, Lúcia Paula

The Morais shirt, the best Sporting Lisbon shirt


Sporting Clube de Portugal


National Champion insignia, from Rodolfo Seminario

With thanks to the player and to his son-in-law Mr. Nuno Geraldes Seminario

National Champion insignia Sporting 1965 66 Rodolfo Seminario


Sporting Clube de Portugal

From 1955/56 to 1964/1965

Match worn. These green away shirts were first worn in the 1955/56 season. They were passed on from player to player along the years. This one eventually ended with Bastos

With thanks to Joana Pessoa

Sporting match worn away shirt lpayer Bastos 1968 1969


Sporting Clube de Portugal

From 1965/66 to 1971/72 or 1972/73. Hooped Sporting Lisbon shirt. Shirts used to go from player to player with the years. This one ended with a U21 in 1970/71. This model, with this type of lion, was worn by the senior side at least until 1971/72. We know similar shirts in 1972/73, but with a different lion

From 1965/66 to 1971/72 or 1972/73. Very old hooped Sporting Lisbon jersey
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