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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

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Sporting Lisbon - other sports

These jerseys are from some of the many other sports practised by Sporting Lisbon besides football, including futsal, handball, cycling. Sporting Clube de Portugal is proud of the many trophies it conquered in very many different sports. More than a soccer club, Sporting is the greatest sports Club in Portugal, and one of the greatest in the whole world, among those with the most total trophies counting all sports, and also amongst those with most international champion titles.

The Sporting Lisbon football shirts can be found in its own page. As a final note, the sports represented here are but a tiny fraction of the Sporting universe.

Click on the images to see all the jerseys of each sport.

Athletics Sporting Clube de Portugal shirts
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Futsal Sporting Clube de Portugal shirts
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Handball Sporting Lisbon jerseys
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