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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

Sporting Lisbon - fake shirts since the 1970s

This page is dedicated to Sporting Clube de Portugal fake shirts. All the jerseys show are fake, made without permission from the Club.

The jerseys were divided into two sections. The first section is dedicated to Sporting Lisbon counterfeit jerseys, that is, made in some factory somewhere unrelated to Sporting. Who buys them is being ripped off, but is also ripping the Club off, often unknowingly.

The second section shows Sporting Lisbon patched-up jerseys, that is, regular shirts (bought in the shop, sometimes also counterfeit) to which patches and player name sets were put, in order to make them look like match worn shirts.

The official jerseys of the current season as well as from the previous season can be found in the official Club shop "Loja Verde" as well as in authorised sellers.

old Sporting Lisbon counterfeit shirts
new Sporting Lisbon counterfeit shirts
Sporting Lisbon patched-up shirts
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