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Sporting Clube de Portugal verde branco

Sporting CP away training shirt

Sporting played Athletic Bilbao for the 1/8 finals (round of 16) in the 1985/86 UEFA Cup. The Lisbon game was the 11th December 1985. The referee was Jan Keizer, from the Netherlands, and the linesmen were M. Bannet and Chris van de Laar, a Dutch international referee from Enschede. Sporting offered three shirts to Chris van de Laar: a longsleeved green away Le Coq Sportif shirt, a youth U14 shirt, and a training shirt, from a model that, as far as we are aware, was not in use at that time.

This is the training shirt, which is in very good shape. It is almost equal to an older match worn, the difference being that the training shirt is in excellent condition, and originally it did not have the club's symbol.

So, after a friendly contact with Roy, Mr. Chris van de Laar's son, verdebranco obtained this shirt, which, even being a training shirt, is a beauty.

Sporting Clube de Portugal

1985. Shirt offered by Sporting to the line referee Chris van de Laar after the game Sporting-Athletic Bilbao UEFA Cup best of 16 round, 11 December 1985. Sporting won 3-0. The shirt is not from that game, this seems to be a training shirt, not in use in 1985.

With thanks to Roy and Chris van de Laar

Camisola Sporting-Athletic Bilbao, 1/8 de final da Taça UEFA, 1985

Sporting-Atlético de Bilbao 11 December 1985 - front

Sporting-Atlético de Bilbao 11 December 1985 - back

Sporting-Atlético de Bilbao 11 December 1985 - collar

Sporting-Atlético de Bilbao 11 December 1985 - sleeves

Sporting-Atlético de Bilbao 11 December 1985 - numbers

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