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Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

Cycling Sporting Lisbon jerseys

These are cycling jerseys as worn by Sporting Lisbon bicycle racers. Cycling is one of the oldest sports in Sporting Clube de Portugal. Introduced in the Club in 1911, over 150 titles and trophies have been conquered by Sporting racers, including numerous Tour de Portugal. The legendary Joaquim Agostinho is a part of the history of sport in Portugal, and his tragic death in an accident occurred when was wearing the Sporting Lisbon shirt.

Closed down in 1987, the cycling section was shortly revived in 2009 with a sub-23 team. Some of these kits are from that time.

Sporting Lisboa Raposeira (Portugal)

1984, cycling. This was the actual name of the Sporting Clube de Portugal bike team

With thanks to Lúcia Paula MA, curator of the Museu Mundo Sporting, who made the photos available

1984, cycling. Sporting Lisboa Raposeira (Portugal), race shirt


Sporting Clube de Portugal

Sporting Lisbon cycling sub-23 team, 2009

Team shirt

Bicycle sub-23 2009 Team jersey Sporting Clube de Portugal


Sporting Clube de Portugal

2009, Sub-23 kit, Sporting/Bretescar

WIth thanks to Lúcia Paula of the Museu Mundo Sporting for the photos

jersey Sporting Bretescar sub23 2009


Sporting Clube de Portugal

Ciclismo sub-23 2009

Sporting Lisbon bike polo, sponsored by Bretescar, Ford and Ondabike

Sporting Lisbon bike polo, sponsored by Bretescar, Ford and Ondabike 2009
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