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Photos of the new Sporting Lisbon jersey 2012/2013

The new Sporting Lisbon jersey for 2012 2013 already exists! We show here a preview of photos of the new kit.

novo equipamento do Sporting 2012 2013nova camisola do Sporting 2012 2013

We also show photos of the current Sporting Lisbon jersey.

Preview of the new Sporting Lisbon top for 2012/13

We stress that this is a Puma sample, so it is a test shirt. The final version may have different details.

Sporting Clube de Portugal


Puma sample of the new Sporting LIsbon shirt, acquired April 2012, months before the official presentation of the new kits

novos equipamentos do Sporting 2012 2013 listados


Sporting Clube de Portugal


Puma sample, photos April 2012

new Sporting Lisbon jersey 2012 2013 sample Puma

The tmn blue sponsor: in or out?

One thing we can say: this sample comes with the blue tmn sponsorship, which the Club had promised to be gone by last January already. However, this sample was probably produced in the beginning of the year, so this means nothing, we don't know whether the tmn blue stays or goes in the really produced jerseys.

Sporting Clube de Portugal


Puma sample, details

New Sporting Lisbon shirt 2012 2013 preview sample Puma white

Blueish green

The shirt is blueish green, not the pure "Sporting Lisbon green". However, it has two different fabrics with different greens. This is a test sample jersey, so perhaps there was still not a final decision about the colour when it was made.

Sporting Clube de Portugal


Nova camisola do Sporting 2012 2013, qual será a cor?

Nova camisola do Sporting 2012 2013, qual será a cor?

Why could not we show in full? Respect for Sporting!

Two years ago we had the new shirt in March. We unknowingly published photos, that were copied everywhere, and were used by conterfeiters to make fakes. Last year we got the new shirt in April, but only published photos shortly before the official presentation, after a leak elsewhere.

We are not going to show photos this time either before there is some leak elsewhere, but we can give some information. First of all, it is a magnificent shirt, 100% what a Sporting Lisbon jersy should look like!

Why do we show now? There was a leak elsewhere!

Somebody else showed photos from some other source. They confirm that this is indeed the new 2012/13 Sporting shirt. It is pointless to keep a broken secret, so we can finally show the jersey.

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