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Sportvereinigung Deutsche Volkspolizei

Sportvereinigung Deutsche Volkspolizei was founded in 1950 but soon became Dynamo Dresden in 1953. This is a replica mini shirt of the original 1950 shirt. In fact, this is something to hang on a car's windshield, and it was distributed in the German Dresdner Morgen Post tabloid newspaper of 26 November 2018. This was given to me as birthday present and it is very good fun. I don't know I can wear it to the stadium though!

Sportvereinigung Deutsche Volkspolizei

Miniature 2018. This club was founded in 1950 became SV Dynamo, that is Dynamo Dresden. Its fans are well known for enjoying redecorating the places they visit.

With thanks to Tom Wartig and Andrea Post

Sportvereinigung Dynamo Dresden Trikot

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