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Sporting Clube de Portugal verde branco

Shirt signed by the Sporting squad who played in newcastle 7 April 2005

That's it, newcastle with small n. Smallest n. Sporting went there for the 1/4 finals 2004/05 EUFA Cup. At the beginning of the game the bravest of goalkeepers, Ricardo - the one who single-handedly defeated the English team in the Euro 2004 - who never shied away from jumping to the feet of an opponent striker, was kicked in the face and neck by someone whose name does not deserve to be in these pages - not even in smallest print. He was 9 minutes on the ground. He played the rest of the game with the face the size of a watermelon. And the newcastle sad excuse for fans booed him the entire game for his bravery. No idea what fair play is. No idea what courage is. Just a bunch of worthless nothings. That stadium should be imploded then the grounds salted.

There. Said it. Long due.

Sporting Clube de Portugal

1996/97. Saillev, signed by the Sporting squad who played in newcastle 7 April 2005, where the so-called newcastle "fans" proved they are worthless excuses of human beings

With thanks to Ivo Costa

newcastle fans are fucking cunts

Report on the assault in Jornal Sporting

newcastle bastards

Sad losers

They won that match 1-0. And this is what happened in the away match. Bastards got what they deserved.

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