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Sporting Clube de Portugal verde branco

Greetings from Glasgow: Sporting Lisbon green white hoops

Verdebranco is dedicated to green white hoops - mainly Sporting Lisbon because that's our Club, but all other teams in the world that wear the hoops are welcome here. In fact, the Verdebranco collection did not start as a Sporting collection, but as a green white hoop foreign team collection. We had a couple of Sporting shirts, but the collection as such started when we got our very first Celtic FC shirt. Celtic Glasgow has had some of the best green white hooped shirts made anywhere in the world, they always kept it simple and beautiful. So it should not be a surprise to know that, in a regular month, about 40% of our visitors come from outside Portugal. Surely many are Portuguese immigrants (plenty of those, and increasing), but very many are green white hoops fans from other countries.

So, we were delighted to receive this photo via our Facebook page, from a fellow Celtic fan who has been appreciating the Verdebranco website and communicating with us for quite some time - feedback is great! When this site was started a bit over two years ago, we never imagined it would become popular - sort of (given this is a nano-mono-thematic page, a few hundred visits per day is not bad). Of course most visitors are just passing by, so to get some feedback is fantastic! The message that came with the photo was this:

Greetings from Glasgow: Hi Nuno. My Adidas Sporting shirt arrived from Poland. This is myself and my wife Maureen. Maureen is wearing my Hummel shirt that I bough many years ago while on holiday in Portugal. I also got the flag and scarf on that holiday. My new Adidas shirt is little too small for me to wear so I may have it put into a picture frame or I will have to go onto a very strict diet.

Sporting-V.Setúbal, 29 de Outubro de 1950

So what can I say? I love this photo and these shirts! Thanks Daniel!!! And I asked for closer pictures from these two fantastic shirts, and here they are!

Sporting Clube de Portugal

1987/1990. Hummel green white hooped replica shirt

With thanks to Daniel and Maureen McNeill

Sporting Lisbon 1987/90 Hummel green white hooped replica shirt


Sporting Clube de Portugal

1994/1995. Sporting Lisbon Adidas green white hooped jersey

With thanks to Daniel and Maureen McNeill

1994/1995 Sporting Lisbon Adidas green white hooped jersey

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