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Buyer beware! Fake Sporting Lisbon matchworn shirts on ebay

There are many 'match worn' jerseys on offer on ebay and other sites, and many are fakes. The most important way to avoid them is to become an expert in what you collect, and never believe what the seller tells you.

However, issues of authenticity are often difficult to ascertain, and "buyer beware" means that it is up to you to check the details and make sure you know what you are buying. With Sporting Lisbon this can be difficult, because there have been many "strange shirts" that are not well known, with no photos in the main SCP sites, but are bona fide honest and true shirts worn in match by Sporting Lisbon football players.

This site has one section dedicated to this issue, were we analyse shirts to see whether they are match worn or not, and give tips to recognise true MWS jerseys:

Verdebranco: Match worn football shirts - true or fake

In any case, this particular page is about two shirts that showed up for sale on ebay, on the same week but coming from completely different sellers. We say nothing about the honesty of the sellers, because none of them is a Sporting Lisbon shirt expert, and they may have thought that their product was the real deal. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

Sporting Lisbon 1998/99 away shirt, personalised player Kmet

The first shirt that we show is the main model used in 1998/99 as away shirt by Sporting Clube de Portugal. This was on offer on ebay as "rare match worn shirt". However, it has no distinguishing features that make it any different from the replica shirts sold in the official Sporting Lisbon shop. In particular, it does not have the Liga patch, that was already present in the right arm of the jerseys even in the pre-season friendly and training games. This is a replica shirt!

Sporting Clube de Portugal


Away jersey, personalised with Kmet player name and number. Sold on ebay as match worn

Sporting Lisbon Away shirt, personalised with Kmet player name and number. Sold on ebay as match worn

Sporting Lisbon 2003/04 home shirt, with number 7 on the back

The second shirt was on offer on ebay as "Marius Niculae 2002/03 match worn shirt". This is a twist, because this jersey is the 2003/04 model, and it just so happens that in 2003/04 Niculae was number 9! He had been number 7 in 2002/03. Moreover, the shirt has the Liga Galp Energia patch that only showed up in 2003/04, and, without exception, in all league games the player's name was on the back. And to confirm that this could not be some pre-season shirt, the only game that Niculae was called in this pre-season was that famous game agains ManU that was also Cristiano Ronaldo's last game for Sporting. The last nail in the coffin is very easy: there was no player number 7 in 2003/04. This shirt is not a replica, it is a fake.

Sporting Clube de Portugal

2003/04. Home jersey with number 7 on the back. Sold on ebay as match worn. Fake.

Away jersey, personalised with Kmet player name and number. Sold on ebay as match worn. Fake.

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