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Sporting Clube de Portugal verde branco

Althamer and Grabowska: More than just a scarf, more than just a club: Sporting Clube de Portugal

Sporting Lisbon scarf made by Bruno Althamer and Diana Grabowska

Bruno Althamer and Diana Grabowska are young Polish artists. During the Euro 2012, they developed an art event that they called "More than just a scarf!". In their own words, "Everyone can express the values that define their lives, their own personal motto, or just make your something other fans will admire. The idea came over a year ago. First we did scarves for ourselves and thought, 'why not give other people a chance to do something similar?'. We want to encourage fans to express themselves and to take more control of the things they say."

Bruno Althamer and Diana Grabowska at work: More than just a scarf!

Not knowing anything about this, what a surprise to get a package on the mail with these words from a friend:

"Hello Nuno! I'm sending you a very special item for your collection! I met these two young artists a couple of months ago and, making a long story short, I asked them to design and make a Sporting scarf. Their names are Bruno Althamer and Diana Grabowska.

A picture of the scarf was subsequently shown at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, in late June, as all their scarves were part of a larger project about "identity". So, this is already a very famous scarf!

I hope you like it! And Happy birthday! A big hug! Luís Agnieszka

The Sporting Lions made by Bruno Althamer and Diana Grabowska

Oh yes I liked it extremely much! Thank you!!! So much that I decided to confront this piece of contemporary art with some of my old school Sporting Clube de Portugal shirts. After all, this is more than just a scarf, and Sporting is more than just a club, so old and new should go well together. They do! I just don't know whether I will ever wear this scarf on the Jose Alvalade stadium - probably not! Just the same way as I also do not wear 40 or 50 year old match worn shirts.

Althamer and Grabowska scarf with oldschool match worn Sporting Clube de Portugal shirts

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